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We don't collect any data in both (Website / App) you can fully trust with Retrix Gold

About RetriXGold


RetriXGold development by BASHAR ASTIFAN


The target was to bring good emulation to UWP PC, Windows Phone, XBOX

After Windows Phone lost the support from Microsoft and RetroArch published with UWP support

This project was not in development progress anymore

I picked up the project in 2019 and created modified version called RetriXGold

RetriX was the only project support UWP with very good code base (Thnx for ALBERTO)

I worked very hard for years to make it very advanced and easy to use

Still the app support Windows Phones (W10M)

Libretro Cores

Thanks for Libretro for providing a great solution to use all cores in one platform


The latest version of RetriXGold is 3.0, see changelog page


It will support Windows x64,x86 and ARM, 16299 and above

For Windows Phone it will support 1709


I would like to thank the following:

-Alberto Fustinoni

-SharpCompress by Adam Hathcock


-Khanlend Theinoend

-RetroArch Team

-W10M Group

-Dom's Discord Server



-Memory Solution DekuDesu

-Charts Alan Mendelevich

-Icons Keris Maker

-Icons patleblanc007

-Icons BLUEamnesiac

-Icons RaiderXXX

-Icons PitManKeks

-Icons Terwilf

-Icons kafi2007

-Consoles Info Wikipedia

-Log Solution KimNynxx, Constantin

-Audio Visualizer Fu Wang

-Markdown viewer Alexandre Mutel

-Surface Testing Ranomez

-XBOX testing Danprice142

Terms of use

The app is free

There is few limitation if you want to share it:

1-You can't sell this app or any of it's components, it should be free

2-Not to be part of any commercial action

3-No tracking or analytics should be added at all

4-The project built with privacy respect


This software created as experimental tool provided without any warranty

No Tracking

This is guarante that this software is free from any tracking services or tracking third parties

Legal Responsibility

The auhors and developers of this software are not responsible for any legal issues could be caused by using illegal content by the user


Retrix was originally developed by Alberto Fustinoni

RetriXGold development by Bashar Astifan (Since 2019)


The support link related to my all projects including (Windows Universal Tool) and not only for RetriXGold


Copyright (c) RetriXGold/Bashar Astifan All rights reserved.

Copyright (c) RetriX/Alberto Fustinoni All rights reserved.


If you have and concerns or questions please contact:

Thanks for reading.