New Release 2.9.7

Changelog (*GPU Based Effects)

XDA Thread (For questions)


ALBERTO FUSTINONI developed the original Retrix,
then Astifan

Created the enhanced version of the original app

The base core of Retrix is unique it's provide more stable play than the other emulators, including the Libretro libraries we was able to create this awesome app

The first release of the enhanced app was called "Retrix Silver" after many updates the app is now stable and more powerful and ready to be "Retrix Gold"

Games Roms
Looks better

We prepared the most used consoles icons and link it with it's own roms even if our app doesn't support it

Only in Retrix
unique features

We provide the most important features that you need during the game with the most easy way to use it

You can Save, Load your game state, also you can Backup, Restore the game data or share it with your friends

One Button
Multiple Actions

You can now record more than movement / button with only one button with unlimited number of actions

Fighting games now is more Exciting than before with more moves to try with only One Button

Want to back to 80s
Color Mode will help you

With Retrix you can choose you favorite color mode and back in ti,e when you playing your old games

More Custom Modes are Coming Soon

Access to Advanced
Core Options

Without any limitation, access to the system direct options and change it as you need.

With Special Keys
Easiest way to play

Because we understand that you will be busy during the game, we create Special Keys to assist you during the game.

You directly Save / Load the game or you can call an Action from the virtual pad

Virtual Pad Like Original
Never Guess What to press

Our app will customize the buttons as the original console controller

You don't have to Guess what the active buttons just Load and Play

it’s simple to install
First download it...

Install the Dependencies, then Install the Certificate

You are ready to install Retrix and start Playing

Detailed Steps Download Now