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With Retrix

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General Information

Supported Consoles



Virtual Boy

Game Boy (Color / Advance / Micro)

Nintendo DS

Nintendo 64


Master System

Game Gear

Mega Drive

Mega CD




Arcade SubSystems

NES, CBS ColecoVision, MSX 1, NEC PC-Engine - NEC SuperGrafX - NECTurboGrafx-16

Sega GameGear - Sega Master System - Sega Megadrive - Sega SG-1000

SNK Neo Geo Pocket - Neogeo CDو, ZX Spectrum

PC Engine

PC Engine CD



Atari Jaguar

Atari Lynx

Neo Geo

Neo Geo Pocket


PolyGane Master

Sega 32X

ColecoVision (Soon)

Atari 5200 (Soon)

Cannonball (Soon)

DOSBox (Soon)

Fairchild ChannelF

SEGA Wide (Soon)

Game Music (Soon)

Lynx (Handy) (Soon)

LowresNX (Soon)

Magnavox Odyssey 2 (Soon)

PocketCDG (Soon)

Pokémon Mini

Watara Supervision

Doom (Soon)

PC 8000-8800 (Soon)

NES (QuickNES)

Neo Geo Pocket (RACE) (Soon)

REminiscence Flashback (Soon)

Atari 2600 (Soon)

Atari 7800 (Soon)

GameBoy (TGB Dual)


Quake (Soon)

Rick Dangerous (Soon)

How To Play

Prepare Game

You can copy your game the the storage dicrectly and open it from there

If the game contains multiple files or it contains boot file (.cue)

We recommend to compress the game as zip file to avoid folder selection process

Game Folder

You maybe asked to select the game folder after selecting the game

Becuase of Windows 10 security policy we can't access to the folder directly without the user action

Avoid Game Folder Selection

  • Compress the game as zip file
  • If the game is one file only you can select "No" and the game will start
  • Or setup "Games Folder"

Games Folder

This feature set to help you to avoid any extra actions in the future, so you can choose games and play quickly


Press or hold on the console


Choose the games folder


Click Select Folder

Note: To Remove recent game, press and hold on the game then choose action.

Arcade SubSystem

Arcade console able to run multiple systems (Thanks to FBNeo Team)

NES, CBS ColecoVision, MSX 1, NEC PC-Engine - NEC SuperGrafX - NECTurboGrafx-16

Sega GameGear - Sega Master System - Sega Megadrive - Sega SG-1000

SNK Neo Geo Pocket - Neogeo CDو, ZX Spectrum

The should be in zip file and when you select the game choose "Yes" when Retrix ask you for Smart Rename

Note: Click Yes even if the game renamed already because retrix need to detect the game system.

BIOS Files

Some emulation services will require a BIOS files

Due Legal concerns we can't provide these files

You need to get them by your own

Check the Settings page and use the links behind each BIOS for more details

Note: You can Ignore the BIOS file and try without them, some games could work, if the app crashed then you need BIOS files.


You can Backup/Restore full system including (Saves, Actions, BIOS, Recents) from the Settings page

Note: >Restore action cannot be undo, if you lost the old settings after Restore you can't get them back.


This option is for experimental usage

You can load any Core Customized for Retrix Gold directly from your storage

AnyCore will be always at the end of the list unless you activated pinned option

Be sure that you are import Core matched with your devices

Note: To import Multiple cores, navigate to settings page choose "AnyCore" select the 'dll' file

Select "later" and import the other core

Note: The Core need to be customized for Retrix Gold API (Old Libretro VFS), otherwise it will not work.

Expert Options

This feature will allow you to access to the all possible options provided by the core directly

For better performance you can adjust these options as you wish

Currently the options will be reseted each time you close the application

Click on the Start Icon at the top left in the main screen

Choose the target System then change the options and enjoy

Actions Bar

Eah game will show at the Top an action bar

This bar is used to control the game and the layout

Game Controls

These controls used to "Stop", "Pause/Resume", "Reset" the game

Save Slots

For better gaming we have 10 Slots used to save / load the current game state


This option allows you to "Enable/Disable" fullscreen mode

Layout Settings

This option allows you to control the interface as you need

Layout -> Touch Pad: Show/Hide Virtual Pad

Layout -> Fit Screen: Fit gameplay screen to the window

Layout -> Show L2-R2: Show / Hide L2, R2, 1X, 2X Buttons

Layout -> Show XYZ: Show / Hide XYZ Buttons for SEGA only

Layout -> Special Keys: Show / Hide Special Keys (e.g. Quick Save)

Layout -> Actions Keys: Show / Hide Actions Keys

Layout -> Customize -> Enable Mode: Enable Customization mode for touch controls

Layout -> Customize -> Current Console: Customization will be applied only for the current console

Layout -> Customize -> Reset: Reset all the customization for touch controls

Audio: Set audio level (High/Normal/Default, Low, Mute)

Audio -> Effects: Echo Effect - Reverb Effect

Overlays: Scanline overlay / Grid overlay

Quality -> Nearest: fastest, but the lowest quality

Quality -> Linear: slower but higher quality

Quality -> Cubic: most processing time, but higher quality

Quality -> MultiSample: for good edge anti-aliasing

Quality -> Anisotropic: increases the draw distance of textures

Quality -> High Quality: refers to HighQualityCubic filter

Render -> Aliased: turn anti-aliased edge off

Color Mode: Set your custom color mode

Color Modes: Grayscale, Cool, Warm, Sepia, Retro, Blue, Green, Red

Extras -> Skip Frames: will skip random frames for testing (not related to the performance)

Extras -> Delay Frames: will delay random frames to increase the performance

Extras -> Reduce Freezes: will solve the freezing issue (Could cause some issues on ARM devices)

Extras -> Drop Pixels: will drop horizontal pixels for better performance

Extras -> Video Only: will play the video only unless "Audio Only" is active

Extras -> Audio Only: will play the audio only unless "Video Only" is active

Debug -> Sensors Info: show Accelerometer Info

Debug -> Buffer Counter: show audio buffer memory counter, helpful for monitoring the performance

Debug -> Log List: Show emulation logs

Note: The 1X, 2X used for: 1X = R1+L1, 2X = R2+L2


This option will help you to manage saved states

Show List: Show/Hide Saves list

Clean All: Delete all saved states

Auto Save -> On Stop: Save current state on exit

Auto Save -> Custom Time: Save current state each (**) Second


These options will allow you to use more advanced settings during the game

Restore: Import Saves / Actions

Backup: Export Saves / Actions

Actions: Record Multiple Actions in one button

Actions Speed: Used to set the speed of the actions based on your game needs

Core Options: Update the emulation options while playing

Gamepad -> Tap SFX: Enable / Disable Buttons sound effect

Gamepad -> Controls: Change gamepad controls as you want

Sensors movement: Use your device sensors to move

XBox Menu: Show wide screen menu (customized for XBox)

Record Actions

From the Advanced options select Actions then press on the Actions Slot you want to record into

Step 1

A Layer will appear with (Save, Reset, Cancel) options

Step 2

To record the actions just Press on the buttons amd you will see the text above is changing to the current options

Step 3

Once you finished press Save

Note: The actions slots can be exported/imported from Advanced -> (Backup/Restore) -> Actions Slots

Actions Speeds


each button will take ~0.1 Second


each button will take ~0.15 Second


each button will take ~0.2 Second


each button will take ~0.3 Second


each button will take ~0.5 Second

Note: If the buttons at the end of the action didn't applied try to duplicate them

Action + Action

This options used when the movements required to press two buttons at once


Activate Action + Action option to inform the recorder that you want to mix the current button with the next one


Press the button you want to be first


You will see that Action + Action unchecked automatically


Press the second button


The resut should be like [Button] + [Button]

Note: If you want to mix more buttons you have to activate Action + Action each time

Quick Save Protection (ver & older)

When you quick load the game, if you pressed again by mistake on the same slot you will be asked to confirm if you want to replace the current state, so you will not lose you current save

Virtual Pad

Each system will display custom virtual pad

Actions Buttons: Execute Multiple Actions

Swap (Actions): Swap between left / right

Slots(Actions): The buttons will save the current state instead of action

Directions: Corner, Analog, Basic Directions

Quick Save/Load (Release or older): Click to save, Hold to load

Toggle Actions Bar: Show/Hide Actions Bar

Select: In-game Select Button

Start: In-game Start Button

Keyboard Shortcuts

The main buttons linked with the keyboard buttons (Arrows, A-S-D, Z-X-C)


P or Enter


O or Shift

Main Keys

A-S-D, Z-X-C

Extra Keys

L-R, J-W

Direction Keys

Keyboard Arrows


Shift + Enter


Shift + P or Space

Save State

F1 - F10

XBox/Gamepad: Left + [Select/View]

Load State

Shift + (F1 - F10)

XBox/Gamepad: Right + [Select/View]

Quick Load

Number (7 - 8 - 9)

Execute Action

Number (1 - 2 - 3)

Swap Left / Right

Number (4)

XBox Menu

Number (6)

XBox/Gamepad: Down + [Select/View]

Keyboard, Virtual Pad: if you need to know the map of the keyboard play keys, just show the Virtual Pad then follow the same squence of the buttons
e.g. (SEGA [X,Y,Z -> A,S,D] - [A,B,C -> ZXC])

If you have any questions related to Retrix please contact for more extra and deep details