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Note: This page a bit outdated, contact me for any question:

How To Play

Prepare Game

You can copy your game the the storage dicrectly and open it from there

RetriXGold supports compressed files: zip, 7z, rar, gz, tar

Games Folder

When selecting any system be sure to select games folder first (if required)

Becuase of UWP security policy we can't access to the folder directly without the user action

Game Folder Selection

  • -Choose the folder that contains games for the selected system
  • -Retrix will check all the sub directories
  • -You can change the folder from the bottom menu

Note: If the core support (Start without content) there will be no picker dialog by default, set Games Folder from the Games tab.

BIOS Files

Some emulation services will require a BIOS files

Due Legal concerns we can't provide these files

You need to get them by your own

Check the options Below for more details

Note: You can Ignore the BIOS file and try without them, some games could work, if the app crashed then you need BIOS files.

BIOS Import

You can import BIOS files one by one from Core page

Or use Easy Import feature:


Select the target Core/System


From Management Section Choose Import Files


Select all the bios files at once, Done

Note: This feature will import BIOS files for the Selected System only.

Note: Some cores like PPSSPP/VICE required to import folder, use Import Folder instead.

Note: Multiple selection is possible, you can select all BIOS files at once

Note: You can manage these files or open Core's system folder from BIOS tab

Arcade SubSystem

Arcade console able to run multiple systems (Thanks to FBNeo Team)

NES, CBS ColecoVision, MSX 1, NEC PC-Engine - NEC SuperGrafX - NECTurboGrafx-16

Sega GameGear - Sega Master System - Sega Megadrive - Sega SG-1000

SNK Neo Geo Pocket - Neogeo CD, ZX Spectrum

They should be in zip file and made for Arcade console

When you select the game choose "Yes" when Retrix ask you for Smart Rename

Note: Click Yes even if the game renamed already because retrix need to detect the game system.


You can Backup/Restore full system including (Saves, Actions, BIOS, Recents) from the Management section

Note: >Restore action cannot be undo, if you lost the old settings after Restore you can't get them back.


This option is for importing external cores

You can load any Core from Libretro to Retrix Gold directly

You will find more settings when you open the core page

Be sure that you are importing Core matched with your devices

Note: To import Multiple cores, you can select them at once

Note: RetiXGold 3.0 support Realtime Reload but it could lead to heavy performance, it's prefered to restart Retrix after import

Note: In RetriXGold 3.0+ you can import any core from Libretro.

Expert Options

This feature will allow you to access to the all possible options provided by the core directly

For better performance you can adjust these options as you wish

You can change these options In-Game for better tests

From Core page navigate to Options tab

Note: If you didn't save the changes they will be reseted on next startup.

Controllers Ports

You can customize controllers ports from Advanced->Controls->Ports Map

You can select many input for one port at once

Actions Bar

Each game will show at the Top/Bottom an action bars

This bar is used to control the game and the layout

Game Controls

These controls used to "Stop", "Pause/Resume", "Reset" the game


Manage: You can save, restore (Saved Status and Actions) for the current game

Actions: Create full set of moves to be triggered with one click

GamePad: All settings releated to Controls map and Touchpad

Core Options: Check the emulation options in real time

XBox Menu/In-Game: Show XBox/In-Game menu that contains the same top bar menu options


Effects: Apply advanced effects (GPU based) in real time, Set overlay and shaders

Layout: Adjust layout settings like touchpad, rotation and screen fit

Audio: Change audio level or set (Echo, Reverb) effect

Performance: advanced performace tweaks

Debug: Show logs, sensors info and other debug options


This menu will contains quick shortcuts for the important settings


Layout -> Touch Pad: Show/Hide Virtual Pad

Layout -> Fit Screen: Fit gameplay screen to the window

Layout -> FPS Counter: Show/Hide FPS counter

Layout: Scanline overlay / Grid overlay

Layout -> Rotate: Rotate screen left or right (helpful for vertical games)

Audio: Set audio level (High/Normal/Default, Low, Mute)

Audio -> Effects: Echo Effect - Reverb Effect

Performance->Render->Threads: Choose how many parallel thread for render (default: 1)

Performance->Render->Threads->Wait threads will wait all threads to complete (if more than 1 thread)

Performance->Render->Quality-> Nearest: fastest, but the lowest quality

Performance->Render->Quality-> Linear: slower but higher quality

Performance->Render->Quality-> Cubic: most processing time, but higher quality

Performance->Render->Quality-> MultiSample: for good edge anti-aliasing

Performance->Render->Quality-> Anisotropic: increases the draw distance of textures

Performance->Render->Quality-> High Quality: refers to HighQualityCubic filter

Performance->Render->Quality-> Aliased: turn anti-aliased edge off

Performance->Memory: these are memory functions some of them could be faster (based on realtime test)

Performance-> Random: will skip random frames

Performance-> Skip Frames: will skip frames by half ( 60fps->30fps)

Performance-> Skip Audio: will skip pending audio buffer

Performance-> Reduce Freezes: will solve the freezing issue (better to be active always)

EPerformance-> Crazy Buffer: will increase the performance

Debug -> Pixels Update: Emulate updated pixels only

Debug -> Sensors Info: Show Accelerometer Info

Debug -> Buffer Counter: Show audio buffer memory counter, helpful for monitoring the performance

Debug -> Log List: Show emulation logs

Debug-> Video Only: will play the video only unless "Audio Only" is active

Debug-> Audio Only: will play the audio only unless "Video Only" is active

Debug-> VFS Info: will display all the VFS requests in-game


Advanced->Gamepad-> Show L2-R2: Show / Hide L2, R2, 1X, 2X Buttons

Advanced->Gamepad-> Show XYZ: Show / Hide XYZ Buttons for SEGA only

Advanced->Gamepad-> Special Keys: Show / Hide Special Keys (e.g. Quick Save)

Advanced->Gamepad-> Actions Keys: Show / Hide Actions Keys

Advanced->Gamepad-> Customize -> Enable Mode: Enable Customization mode for touch controls

Advanced->Gamepad-> Customize -> Current Console: Customization will be applied only for the current console

Advanced->Gamepad-> Customize -> Reset: Reset all the customization for touch controls

Note: The 1X, 2X used for: 1X = R1+L1, 2X = R2+L2


This option will help you to manage saved states

Show List: Show/Hide Saves list

Clean All: Delete all saved states

Auto Save -> On Stop: Save current state on exit

Auto Save -> Custom Time: Save current state each (**) Second


This features is very helpful when you need to trigger multiple moves at once with one click

Actions Slots: You can save upto 3 slots (they will appear above movement controls)

Actions Speed: Used to set the speed of the actions based on your game needs

Record Actions

From the Advanced options select Actions then press on the Actions Slot you want to record into

Step 1

A Layer will appear with (Save, Reset, Cancel) options

Step 2

To record the actions just Press on the buttons amd you will see the text above is changing to the current options

Step 3

Once you finished press Save

Note: The actions slots can be exported/imported from Advanced -> (Backup/Restore) -> Actions Slots

Actions Speeds


each button will take ~0.1 Second


each button will take ~0.15 Second


each button will take ~0.2 Second


each button will take ~0.3 Second


each button will take ~0.5 Second

Note: If the buttons at the end of the action didn't applied try to duplicate them

Action + Action

This options used when the movements required to press two buttons at once


Activate Action + Action option to inform the recorder that you want to mix the current button with the next one


Press the button you want to be first


You will see that Action + Action unchecked automatically


Press the second button


The resut should be like [Button] + [Button]

Note: If you want to mix more buttons you have to activate Action + Action each time

Virtual Pad

Each system will display custom virtual pad

Actions Buttons: Execute Multiple Actions

Swap (Actions): Swap between left / right

Slots(Actions): The buttons will save the current state instead of action

Analog R(Actions): Use right analog instead of left

Directions: Corner, Analog, Basic Directions

Quick Save/Load: Save or load state

Mute: mute audio

Toggle Actions Bar: Show/Hide Actions Bar (available in actions buttons sub menu)

Select: In-game Select Button

Start: In-game Start Button

Keyboard Shortcuts

The main buttons linked with the keyboard buttons (Arrows, A-S-D, Z-X-C)

Native Keyboard

Some cores/games will requires or has additional support for keyboard

Once this case happen you will see keyboard icon at the bottom, also new option will appear at the top menu

The option called "Use Native Keyboard"

When you activate this option all related shortcuts will be disabled

For XBOX the on screen keyboard can be used from in game menu or shortcut

Touch Pad

In some cases you will need left and right mouse click

You can make arrows perform like mouse buttons from actions menu at the top of arrows

Activate 'Mouse', now LeftTop will be left click and RightTop will be right click

Also pointer click or left click always attached to analog button click, just tap on it to perform click or touch


P or Enter


O or Shift

Main Keys

A-S-D, Z-X-C

Extra Keys

L-R, J-W

Direction Keys

Keyboard Arrows


Shift + Enter


Shift + P or Space

Save State

F1 - F10

XBox/Gamepad: Set by user

Load State

Shift + (F1 - F10)

XBox/Gamepad: Set by user

Quick Load

Number (7 - 8 - 9)

Execute Action

Number (1 - 2 - 3)

Swap Left / Right

Number (4)

XBox Menu/In-Game Menu

Number (6)

XBox/Gamepad: RightThumbstick (Default)

Keyboard, Virtual Pad: if you need to know the map of the keyboard play keys, just show the Virtual Pad then follow the same squence of the buttons
e.g. (SEGA [X,Y,Z -> A,S,D] - [A,B,C -> ZXC])

GamePad shortcuts can be customized from main page or in game

If you have any questions related to Retrix please contact for more extra and deep details